Shieldmodding is a project about, you guessed it, Audioshield modding!
Exploring what's possible in terms of difficulty, mapping, visual appearance... this portal is a hub for all of what I experimented with.

Some of the stuff I'm working on:

I now have a GitHub! Post your ideas and issues there:


Released under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license.

Bugs and suggestions

Seen anything out of place? Have any suggestions?

Links and acknowledgements

This all wouldn't have been possible without Ruirize! Thank you for putting up with my endless buggery and failed pushes, and thank you for initial testing!
Also don't forget about previous mods of the game such as Even Harder and Expert! This all wouldn't've been possible without you!(literally, because I wouldn't have access to the mods :> )
And last, but not least, the game itself: Audioshield! and its developer Dylan!

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