Shieldmodding by Discookie



Shieldmodding is a project about, you guessed it, Audioshield modding! Exploring what's possible in terms of difficulty, mapping, visual appearance... this portal is a hub for all of what I experimented with.

Some of the stuff I'm working on:

  • Insane mod - Making denser, and harder maps while still being able to hit every single note (because trust me, it's annoying when you physically can't do anything about the notes you missed). You can see how the mod behaves oh the Media page.
  • Osu maps - Still in early stages of development, but the prototype's already done. Proof of concept here.
  • Full custom maps - Osu mapping has proven us that it's possible to create custom maps so why not make a tool you can do this with? A very-far-in-the-future project, but being worked on nonetheless.

Insane mod

Insane mod was originally created with the goal of making maps harder while keeping them 100%-able. Since then I have extended the list of features quite a bit:

  • Static seeds - so you don't have different maps every time you restart
  • Reversed doubles - so you can cross your hands more often
  • Advanced distance limiting - so you don't have to move your hands at 1000 m/s
  • Better difficulty options - so you can kill your hands without making the game impossible
  • Difficulty calculator - so you know how hard you're on yourself
  • Automatic update checker - so you can get the latest features quickly
  • Git support - so you can send me things you did!.

While I'm focusing more on custom maps, I still plan to include new features in Insane. Some of these upcoming features:

  • Non-centered doubles - so you don't always have to face the same way (out now on Dev!)
  • Strength-dependent colors - so you can really feel the beat drop
  • Strength-dependent difficulty - so you can chill when your song does
  • Overlapping holds - so you can hit things while holding things
  • Curved holds - so you can move your hands while holding things
  • Leaderboards - so you can compete with other people
  • Custom distance limiting - so you can write things to make it faster/weirder (out now on Dev!)

Is the mod too easy difficult? Check the Docs for more options!