Shieldmodding by Discookie



There are 2 separate releases: Stable, and Dev. My reasoning for this, is that I don't have a VIVE. I'm developing these versions blindly, but if you'd like to help me test them, feel free to download the Dev branch!
Don't forget to give me feedback when you do get around to testing these!

Released under the MIT license.

The download links of Insane mod.
Release Download Version Changelog Description
Stable Download 0.30 Jump to version Recommended. This is the tested good version of the mod.
Dev Download 0.50c Jump to version If you're up for some testing, I usually test features early here. Be aware that this might be buggy!

How to install

For the Stable release:

  1. Download the file.
  2. Open it with 7-zip or equivalent.
  3. Backup the folder you're abot to extract to!
    (otherwise you'll lose your current mod)
  4. Extract it to one of your mod folders.
    For example: (steam dir)/Audioshield/mods/Hard ShieldVR

    • If you haven't extracted into Hard ShieldVR, rename Hard ShieldVR.lua to (your folder name).lua.
  5. Test your stuff! You'll see the different How To Play screen if you installed correctly.
  6. If the mod's too hard, see the docs for adjusting difficulty!
  7. If you're still pondering the meaning of life while reading this, check out these important videos.

For the Dev release:

  1. Download and extract the file above.
  2. Read the docs, or the README that's included!
  3. Run the file make.bat.
  4. Copy the output folder's contents into your mod folder.
  5. Something's wrong? Open an issue on GitHub, or adjust the settings as described in the docs!


0.50c - Dev

  • Custom scorer
  • Settings are now loaded from an external file
  • More feedback needed


  • Added Ballchain assigner
  • Statistics for generated orbs
  • Added more events


  • Complete rewrite and refactor
  • Framework added for more mods
  • Everything is module- and event-based now
  • Includes luam


  • Fix typo for blueMinX


  • No internet is grey instead of red
  • Add non-centered double support
  • Consistent code


  • Various tests with the Update() function

0.30 - Stable

  • First public release
  • Cleaned up code, how-to-play
  • New logo and graphics
  • Re-license under MIT


  • Added support for doublenotes and purples


  • New how-to-play screen
  • Fixed distance calculation


  • Initial version
  • New distance calculation